Role of a Parish Councillor

The Parish Council meets on the second Thursday of every month, other than August and December.  The meetings take place alternately in the Parish Hall at Thorpe Thewles and the Church or England Primary school at Wynyard Woods at 6.30pm. (Click here to view the meeting dates and locations).  It is at these public meetings that the Council makes decisions about the work and direction of the Council. When necessary, working parties or sub-committees are formed to discuss and make proposals about specific matters.

At the May meeting, prior to the monthly agenda being discussed, there is an Annual General Meeting which commences at 6pm. At this time, the Councillors review the events of the previous year and elect a chair-person and vice chair-person for the coming year.  This year, Gordon Robson was elected as Chairman.  No vice-chair-person has been elected.

Residents are invited to attend the Council meetings, or to keep up to date with developments, by visiting the Grindon Parish Council website or the community noticeboards.  It is here you will view the current agenda, minutes and  budgetary information

Should you wish an item of yours to be placed on the agenda, and be part of the discussion at the meeting, you should give the parish clerk five days notice, prior to the meeting taking place.